Prayer, Time, and Our Past

This is a transcript of a recorded Nightlight message which you can still access on the website archives (December 2019 #316) This written version is expanded but the audio version carries the same basic message. PRAYER, TIME, AND OUR PAST In My Hands When I was young the road ahead seemed like an endless highway I laughed […]

Forgiveness? Been there; done that. Really?

Forgiveness? Been there; done that. Really? Be careful not to allow it to become a mere passing religious phrase devoid of meaning. As evil becomes more exposed for what it truly is, and perpetrators of evil are identified, there will be an understandable response of righteous anger in us. Yet I believe it is a […]

What Marriage Should Be

The following letter was sent to the son and future daughter-in-law of someone close to me. It is offered here (with very few changes) for all men and women – married or single – to see clearer what marriage is really about. I know you know this. But let me write it anyway. Only the […]

Thoughts After a Tragic Fire

I wrote the following in a letter to my granddaughter the day after the Todd General Store burned: I can’t help but think of the many moments you and I had in the shadow of the Todd General Store that is now only a pile of dust and memory. How does something that has been […]

What I Know at Present

One of the most poignant impressions I have ever gotten in studying the history of war is the ever-present battle with information vs. misinformation. Misinformation that is purposefully sent out by the enemy vs. misinformation that is well-meant, but mistaken by our side. I have never been wholly convinced of Q, nor am I ready […]

Jesus Movies – Helpful or Hurtful?

I remember when I first saw a copy of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST film displayed on a shelf in a video store. It was between two titles extremely unworthy to be in the company of a film about the Son of God. But then I remembered that He died naked and bleeding between two thieves. The […]

Seeds of Hell

Have you ever thought something that you would NEVER say out loud because you thought it would sound like a dumb thing to say? I most certainly have, and on more than one topic! Here is one of my thoughts that I kept to myself for a long time: “Third world poor people suffer in […]

His Will, Not Mine

Our individual story makes up the tapestry of all our stories, and they are woven together as one cloth. I was not the only dazed teenager confused by the turbulent mixture of the 1960s. It only felt like I was. I did not know back then that I was just one of millions. All I […]

The Thirty-Second Cure

I am a child of the 60s; a son of the Jesus Movement. I have the scars of that era, as well as the wonderful memories of light that broke in various degrees into that darkness. I remember the dramatic encounters people of all walks of life had with the Real Presence. When the enemy comes […]


Suddenly the air was filled with strange and sweet perfumeLight that came from everywhere drove shadows from the roomJesus stood before me with His arms held open wideI fell down on my knees and I just clung to Him and criedHe raised me to my feet and as I looked into His eyesLove was shining […]