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The Attack on Middle Earth

Amazon has begun to broadcast its twisted hijacked “woke” perversion of the works of Tolkien. The Rings of Power is supposed to be about the ages preceding the days of the war of the rings, but clearly it has nothing to do with Tolkien, and has little or nothing to do with the real Tolkien. What it may maintain of Tolkien is only meant to have just enough original material to claim it as Tolkien, but is meant to poison future watchers with a deadly mixture. I hope you all know by now, this literary hijacking by woke politics has one purpose: to destroy the original spirit of Tolkien, and more so, to twist Tolkien’s influence for good into a mixed perversion of it. This is the most financially costly project (over a billion dollars) ever produced for television, and it is only aimed at twisting the imagination towards confusion. I pray it will also be the most costly mistake ever made by any film production company. But this recent demonic monstrosity has roots far deeper than mere current cultural theft. For me it goes back over two decades.

One evening, back in the mid 90’s, Mary and I were at home watching a beautiful film called Avalon, about an immigrant Jewish family that came to the US at the close of World War I. The story traces the ups and downs of family business and human struggles through several decades. In the midst of watching, I said to Mary, “See that little boy with the big beautiful eyes? One day they are going to make Lord of the Rings into a live action film. And this little boy is gonna play Frodo.” I said it with no fanfare, just kind of matter of fact. Time passed. This strange momentary event would come to mind unbidden now and then, as if to keep it alive in my memory. It was in the very early months of the new century and millennium that I received a message that production was about to begin on the filming of the Rings trilogy. I asked my contact in LA to let me know as soon as he could what the lineup of the cast might be. In a few days I got the response. Yep! That ‘little boy with the big beautiful eyes’ from Avalon, Elijah Wood, was cast as Frodo.

Then I moved from novel curiosity to earnest questioning. This strange knowing was now far more significant. Why would I be shown this? The Lord began to impress on me these truths: Lord of the Rings had played a major role in my own personal spiritual battles as well as in the lives of many others. And strange as it seemed then, it came clear to me that there would be an open hellish attack on all that was symbolically good in Middle Earth.  

So it was no obscure oddity to me personally. It was about a major spiritual attack that would be waged against the truths of God that Tolkien’s Rings story portrayed so brilliantly. The attack would be subtle at first. But eventually it would mushroom into a blast against all we hold dear. I watched at first as it became the target of lurid yellow journalistic tabloid gossip. But over the two decades since this all began, we have witnessed what is now clear to anyone who is awake (not ‘woke’). That is, Amazon has stolen the Tolkien legacy and used it in order to weave a web of falsehood meant to not only supplant the real stories, but to replace them with a silly yet dangerous agenda they hope will infect the minds of all future generations.

It is not an insignificant thing. Like the kingdom of God, which begins small and barely visible, yet grows into the leavening force that invades the whole lump, so the enemy copies the same tactics, sowing tares among wheat in hopes of the tares overcoming the entire harvest. Do not waste your time watching this mess! And be wary of it enough to communicate the truth. It is the naivety and shallow ignorance of godly people that allows this sort of weed to take root and grow. Hopefully, enough people will see it for what it is, and find better use of their entertainment time. I pray it will awaken many followers of Jesus who will do more than change channels. I pray that this godly group will take a stand, and end up changing mind and hearts.

Important Note: For an excellent explanation of how THE LORD OF THE RINGS carries the gospel in subtle forms and images that help the heart embrace the Real, read THE BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH by Fleming Rutledge.