McLean Ministries - Clay & Mary McLean. Our vision is for the church to experience the fullness of Redemption through Christ in every phase of life.

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Our Monthly Newsletter and Audio Message

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These monthly audio messages are taken on rare occasions from live speaking engagements. Usually though, they are recorded in a studio setting in which Clay and/or Mary addresses current issues which are strongly on their hearts, vital teachings which are not normally addressed in the pre-recorded library of titles, and commentary on current events. The newsletter which accompanies the audio supplies additional information including book and film reviews, ministry schedule events, and short teaching articles.

For over 25 years, Clay and Mary have faithfully mailed out a monthly newsletter and audio teaching to our Nightlight family. Our early mailings from Texas included a cassette teaching tape with the newsletter. Next, after our move to the North Carolina mountains, we updated from the cassette teaching format to the teaching CD, and now, both the audio and newsletter are available here on our website.

Nightlight began as a means to raise ongoing support for our ministry. It was also due to the request of those who wanted to stay in touch with us on a regular basis. It continues to be our thank-you to those who faithfully support us, not only with their finances, but also with their prayers. Nightlighters have been the financial and intercessory backbone of this ministry. The donations to Nightlight have not only supported this ministry, but have also aided us in helping other ministries around the world. Nightlighters have helped to purchase an automobile in England, dig water wells in Africa, build orphans a home in Kenya, and support home mission projects of many kinds in the USA.

How Much Do I Give?
In the beginning, we suggested a monthly minimum donation of $10.00, payable monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Many Nightlighters at that time chose to give more per month, and continue to do so today. Over time, we have opened up Nightlight to anyone who wants it, requesting at least a yearly donation in whatever amount you decide to give.

We welcome gifts in any amount, for no gift is too small. The Lord has been faithful through the years, enabling our ministry to remain debt-free. We do not send out “money letters.” We do not share your name with other organizations. It is our joy and honor to serve you each month through Nightlight, for the glory of God.

All donations to Nightlight are tax-deductible. Giving statements are mailed once a year, every January.