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What I Know at Present

One of the most poignant impressions I have ever gotten in studying the history of war is the ever-present battle with information vs. misinformation. Misinformation that is purposefully sent out by the enemy vs. misinformation that is well-meant, but mistaken by our side.

I have never been wholly convinced of Q, nor am I ready to totally reject it because Michael Brown has an expert who claims to have disproven it. It may turn out to be just what Brown claims, but it may not. Many who are fully public with their position (like Lt. General MacInerny), though he does not cite Q, fully affirms the direction Q has pointed to. So I don’t embrace or reject Q. And I don’t put my hope in it’s promises. It MAY be God’s tool or not. We will wait and see.

Yet the safest and best place to be right now is to keep our eyes on the goodness, justice, and purposes of God in all this. I say this as humbly as I can, but I have been warning of this time for forty years. Nothing of it is surprising or shocking to me, though I am at times surprised and shocked at who the compromisers turn out to be. I have never put my trust in Trump, though I would be a fool to believe his election was not divine intervention. But one thing above all I believed. And that is when we finally came to the day of decision, that even Trump would be shaken by the enormity of the darkness. And that he would, along with all of us, have to bow to the sovereign intervention of God to bring us through. That is where we are now. Though it will be through many human elements, ultimately only God can save Trump, America, and us, and bring justice against the perps.

This level of shaking is necessary because, as you can painfully witness, people are still ASLEEP. And they are fickle. They are easily seduced, flopping about by every wind, rootless, fruitless, and useless when it comes to standing for principle. How many Republicans supposedly went into the Capitol for the purpose of hearing evidence and to defend the Constitution? But after the staged riot (which was no riot), not only did they abandon their purpose, but jumped ship completely and joined the other side.

God is revealing all our hearts to ourselves. “He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgement seat…” All this is necessary and preparatory for what HE has planned. Only He knows what Trump must endure to be purged of any self-glory. And only God knows what in all of us needs to be uncovered that would hinder us being fully yielded to Him. He is neither impressed by nor concerned for the American status quo of either side. He is only concerned with His Kingdom. So we are all continuing to be shaken. The shaking will continue and go as deep as needed until there is nothing left in us that can be shaken. Then we will be more fully released to move ahead into the final harvest, equipped by Love to love.

I feel very weak and vulnerable. I want to pull my wife and children close to me and hold them (the grown ones as well as the little ones). I find myself wanting to eat like a drunk drinks: for self-comfort and distraction. This is just as Jesus warned us to be wary of in times of declension. Beware, lest you become overcharged with drunkenness and surfeiting (gluttony) and the cares of this life, so that that day overtake you unawares. Yep, that’s me! I seem to be great at preaching it, but found as things began to shake, I am exactly one of the ones who He is warning! So I am now taking steps to rebuke that false comfort. I am more deeply letting go of my children, and entrusting them to Him as I THOUGHT I had already done. I am gaining spiritual strength as I shake my way though all this. When I am finished shaking, I shall come forth as gold. Ain’t there yet.

When there is no comfort around you left or right, go straight UP above the clouds. Worship right now is not only a comforting option, it is the only place I can find to do effective battle against this evil. Don’t underestimate the power of your private voice alone before Him, purposefully set on Him, as a weapon in His hand against forces we can neither see nor destroy. He loves righteousness and hates iniquity. Love wins. We are in the majority in this battle.

That’s all I know at present. His will be done. Selah.