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Seeds of Hell

Have you ever thought something that you would NEVER say out loud because you thought it would sound like a dumb thing to say? I most certainly have, and on more than one topic! Here is one of my thoughts that I kept to myself for a long time: “Third world poor people suffer in […]

His Will, Not Mine

Our individual story makes up the tapestry of all our stories, and they are woven together as one cloth. I was not the only dazed teenager confused by the turbulent mixture of the 1960s. It only felt like I was. I did not know back then that I was just one of millions. All I […]

The Thirty-Second Cure

I am a child of the 60s; a son of the Jesus Movement. I have the scars of that era, as well as the wonderful memories of light that broke in various degrees into that darkness. I remember the dramatic encounters people of all walks of life had with the Real Presence. When the enemy comes […]


Suddenly the air was filled with strange and sweet perfumeLight that came from everywhere drove shadows from the roomJesus stood before me with His arms held open wideI fell down on my knees and I just clung to Him and criedHe raised me to my feet and as I looked into His eyesLove was shining […]

Do You REALLY Want Reality?

Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List portrays Oskar Schindler weeping in the presence of his employees as he receives the news that the Nazis are defeated. He is not weeping from joy and relief, but from the full conscious realization that he could have done more, a lot more, than he did to save Jewish lives. He could […]

Little Signs of Hope

You may hear people say, “I don’t believe there is any hope for America. We are too far gone.” Or something to that effect. I understand when people say that, that is, if they don’t know God. But when believers say it? Who are they looking at, and who are they listening to? Great moves […]

How Desperate are You?

Blaise Pascal said that God has given us enough evidence of Himself to draw us to seek Him, and yet has withheld enough of Himself to free us to resist Him. That is true. The reason for this is so that we will choose to seek Him, so that our relationship with Him will be […]

Do You Need a Hiding Place?

Do you ever get overwhelmed with electronic stuff? If I get five emails in an hour, it feels no different to me than if five people came to my door at once. I am not psychologically built to just overlook emails, especially if they are personal and asking for help of some kind. I have […]

Not Ever Seen the Righteous Forsaken?

Psalm 37 seems to have been written especially for our present time. The wicked, who seem to be taking control over the entire land, will only seem to thrive for a (relatively) short time. Then they will be destroyed. There are statements here that seem to not fit with reality in many cases. Like verse 25: […]

Telling Yourself the Truth

In many universities, over the doors of various buildings, you will see the phrase: the truth will set you free. (John 8:32) Well, for a criminal (or a crooked politician), the truth may do the very opposite-it may send them to prison. Jesus did not say ‘the truth will set you free.’ Here’s what He said: If you […]