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This Shaking is Necessary, Even Merciful

Life is headed somewhere all the time. There is no static place of perpetual existence except in our imagination. That is a preview of an eternal promise but we are certainly not living there yet. It is natural, especially as we age, to think of ‘simpler times when things were far more peaceful.’ But there […]

I Wish I Had Learned This Much Earlier

The soul has to face the moral problem of growing surrender to the holy- by effort, concentration, and obedience towards the Creating Source [of our true being]. P.T. Forsyth The Justification of God There’s a city park I especially love because it feels like its in the backwaters. I used to take Kira there when she […]

Seeing Clearly Now by Looking at the Long Term

It seems that over night we were thrust into this present war, but we all know it has been forming for years, and has many deep and twisted roots. Those roots cannot be simplistically broken. It takes time, patience, wisdom, and just plain tenacity in the action of praying. (I find one of the ploys […]

Can We Wound God’s Heart?

Gary Black Jr. tells of the first time he ever saw his father cry. When Gary was a teenager he and his little brother were set to attend the Texas State Fair with their dad, who had taken a rare hard to obtain mid week day off to make it a special time with his […]