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Seeing Clearly Now by Looking at the Long Term

It seems that over night we were thrust into this present war, but we all know it has been forming for years, and has many deep and twisted roots. Those roots cannot be simplistically broken. It takes time, patience, wisdom, and just plain tenacity in the action of praying. (I find one of the ploys of the enemy to hinder prayer is to get me focused on the largeness of the war, the brokenness and weakness of myself, and then try to manipulate me into focusing on those two extremes. The only way out of that is to go straight UP to the Throne in faith, where nothing is too big and I am welcomed, loved, and whole. And in times of extreme weakness, I just pray the Psalms that relate to all this-Psalm 37, Psalm 91, Psalm 94, Psalm 109, Psalm 75 and others.)

It seems that on every level darkness is showing itself fully for what it is. And it MUST do so. It must be brought into the light. Do not become weary in well doing, for we shall soon reap if we do not faint. This is the time to pray large prayers for your loved ones who are seemingly not obeying God, and for the nation to come fully awake to the things of the Lord.

It is not the political sphere that is decisive. It is certainly not the sphere of the enemy. It is US who will decide how all this goes. The nation will go where the CHURCH goes. (I mean the ekklesia, not the cultural thing we tend to call ‘church’) We can decree that the kingdom of God will advance, and that decades of evil and lies will be exposed, overthrown, and destroyed, or we can sink into anger or despair or fear, and get what we believe for-defeat.

Praise is a weapon of war. (Psalm 149 II Chronicles 20 Revelation 8) We battle the political ideological front by speaking truth. We battle the principalities and powers behind that element by shouting out our praise and worship to God.

Don’t be timid to keep yourself in the power of that praise, and to refuse any voice that speaks fear and defeat.

Pray for the president. Pray for his counselors. It will certainly get worse before it gets ‘better.’ I don’t know if it will ever be ‘better’ again if we define ‘better’ as ‘peaceful’ or ‘back to normal.’ We cannot go ‘back to any normal’ if we define normal as ‘before things got bad.’ They have always been bad. Now they are being exposed. The new ‘normal’ will be an atmosphere of truth and redemption unhindered by the utter foolishness of the past ‘normal.’ And none of us knows how deep the conflict will have to be to come fully into that new light. But we must go FORWARD towards that Light and refuse any temptation to retreat even in our thinking, into the past. God helping us, we will all go further up and further in with HIM.