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Little Signs of Hope

You may hear people say, “I don’t believe there is any hope for America. We are too far gone.” Or something to that effect. I understand when people say that, that is, if they don’t know God. But when believers say it? Who are they looking at, and who are they listening to?

Great moves of the Holy Spirit rarely occur in good times. Just the opposite. Great moves of the Holy Spirit come during times of great disintegration, disillusionment, moral confusion, and rampant sin. Times like NOW. For it is in such times that people become desperate for help. When times are tough, nothing seems to bring comfort or hope. God allows us in our ‘freedom’ to wrap ourselves in bondage till we cry out to Him for rescue. Are we there yet? Are you and I there yet?

When Elijah prayed for the desperately needed rain that would break the three year drought, he sent his servant to see if there was any sign of rain. Time after time, the servant returned with a negative report. But on the seventh time he reported, “I see a cloud forming, only the size of a man’s hand.” At that report, Elijah told him to prepare for a deluge. “For I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.”

I can’t say I have heard that sound yet. But I do see a tiny cloud forming. It all depends on how hungry we are and how repentant we are as to whether it will form into a great downpour of mercy. We have an amazing tendency to quickly revert to our previous spiritual numbness the moment we think a crisis is over. Well, no need to fear we will think that! For unless you are living in huge denial, you know the crisis is only just beginning. Yet, I see a cloud forming the size of a man’s hand, rising up out of the sea.

Our dear friends and team members, George and Judy Smith, live in Connecticut. George, in his eighties, is recovering from embattled health. Not long ago, Judy went in to check on him and found him uncharacteristically distracted, staring up towards the ceiling, a bit unresponsive at first. She asked what was going on, and he softly replied without turning to her, “The Lord was just speaking to me.” Judy asked if she could know what He said and George said, “I don’t want to say. What if I am just imagining this? What if I’m wrong?” Judy then said, “Would it be good for me to hear? Would it encourage me?” And he said yes, and told her, “He is sharing with me that He is going to do something wonderful in the world again. He is going to pour out His Spirit and bring many, many people to Himself. I have kept this to myself, pondering it in my heart. We, along with so many others, have prayed for revival for so many years. But now, I feel there is a despair, a fear and hopelessness, even among some Christians, and we need to know that He has not forgotten or forsaken us. I believe He has in mind a future and a hope.” For those who know George, you will take this to heart. For you who may not know him personally, just know he is a man of deep prayer, who is very careful with his words. I believe George heard God. I believe he sees a tiny cloud rising. And it is enough to help him and us trust that an abundance of rain is coming.

Why do we think we must have natural evidence of supernatural events in order to then believe that supernatural events are forming? Of course you are shaken. Of course you are longing. Maybe you are getting close to desperation.

Let your desperation turn to hunger, your hunger turn to anticipation, and your anticipation turn to expectancy. When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against it… If God is for us who can stand against us?… If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek My Face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and heal their land… Where does my help come from? Look up! Pay attention to the little things.