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Our Wounds Cry Alleluia (18 set)


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Recorded live in England. The most comprehensive healing conference we have done. Special emphasis on the healing of the will and how to deal with rage and injustice.

  1. Incomplete Conversion A
  2. Incomplete Conversion B
  3. Practice His Presence
  4. Pagan Sexuality
  5. Misogyny
  6. Love Needs
  7. Sense of Being, Mother Love
  8. Father Love
  9. Healing the Will
  10. Power of Symbol 
  11. Romance, Cleansing the Imagination A
  12. Cleansing the Imagination B
  13. Nature of Evil and Rage A
  14. Nature of Evil and Rage B
  15. Beauty and the Beast A
  16. Beauty and the Beast B, Self Acceptance A
  17. Self Acceptance B
  18. Redemption Story