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No Longer A Victim… Courage to Truly Live


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This conference recorded live in Swanwick, England has to do with renewing our mind from the prison of a victim mentality of no more becoming. Igniting desire, informing the will, and an impartation of courage come together to empower us to embrace life by choosing to live and do the truth in love. We are released from the prison of our subjectiveness into the freedom of divine objectivity.

 1.  Will informed by truth
 2.  Awakening the conscience
 3.  Courage and childhood
 4.  From childish to childlike
 5.  The call of joy
 6.  Strengthening the will
 7.  Choose life!
 8.  Power of image and symbol
 9.  Cleansing the mind/depression
10.  The gift of courage