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AGAINST THE NIGHT – The Journey of the Warrior


This musical work is meant to awaken the holy imagination of the believer. Though each song stands on its own, these songs form a story and are best listened to as an unfolding picture, beginning with the darkness of the West, the spiritual battle we are engaged in, leading to the dawning of the Day when darkness will be finally destroyed by the Light of God. This is not only a picture of the battle for the planet, but for each personal struggle we all go through on our journey home.
Titles include:

  • Day Is Dying
  • Dance with the Devil (in the Pale Moon Light)
  • Don’t We Have A Lot (to Answer For?)
  • The Warrior
  • More (Than They Who Wait for the Morning)
  • My Wounds Cry Alleluia
  • Let Me Love What You Love
  • Burn Holy Fire
  • Intercessor’s Psalm
  • To My Son
  • War Song of the Lamb
  • Against the Night